Who can benefit from nuclear gamma camera rentals?

Imaging Startups

Imaging companies in the early stages of their business may not have the history of income necessary to secure a loan or lease for imaging equipment; camera rentals are a great alternative to camera leasing, with month-to-month agreements and without many of the qualifications necessary for loan agreements.

Startups are not always sure if they’ll be able to acquire the patient flow to be viable; Camera rentals can limit this risk with not long-term lease to worry about.

Startups can use a camera rental agreement as an opportunity to build equity through regular monthly rental payments.

Existing Sites wanting to expand

Imaging centers with a plan to expand their practices could find renting a camera as opposed to purchasing or leasing one, will allow them to mitigate risk and assess patient volume without making any long-term commitments. Imaging centers may also find a camera rental option better for their expansion plans due to less financial qualifications required as opposed to leases and loans, and still have the opportunity to build equity in their equipment through their monthly payments.

Imaging Centers in need of a temporary camera

Imaging centers in the middle of a move will benefit from a flexible rental agreement and compact camera options if they are confined to a smaller area in the midst of construction. This allows centers to maintain a scanning schedule even when their permanent imaging rooms are unavailable.

Imaging centers waiting for a new camera delivery can utilize a camera rental if when their site and staff are ready, This way centers can begin patient scanning whenever they’re ready, and won’t have to worry about unexpected delays due to delivery and installation of the new equipment.

What are the benefits of renting a camera?

In addition to specific benefits mentioned above, camera rental programs also allow for:

Quick delivery

Personalized rental programs designed to build equity in equipment

Short-term commitment/low-risk

DICOM included for uninterrupted archiving

What additional benefits can MAI Services offer with their camera rental program versus others?

MAI offers a variety of nuclear gamma cameras for rental; ranging from dedicated cardiac cameras to dual-head variable angle cameras that can perform all nuclear imaging procedures. MAI has experienced staff to complete all necessary installation and deinstallatoin procedures for larger cameras, and also offers rentals of portable and small footprint cameras such as the maiCAM180/GVI mSPECT. maiServices has solutions for imaging practices of all specialties and stages of business development.

For more information on maiServices Gamma Camera Rentals, click here.





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