Your Nuclear Imaging startup is now within reach with our
unique, no-risk, plan for nuclear medicine cameras

Nuclear camera rentals allow your organization to:

  • Establish a new practice
  • Expand services
  • Continue services during renovations
  • Build equity and business history without financial risk

Our plan:

  • Monthly payment plans with rental agreements as short as 6 months
  • Choose from a variety of nuclear gamma camera rentals including
    • mobile cardiac cameras
    • small-footprint cardiac cameras
    • standard footprint gamma cameras
  • Freight, installation, applications, and maintenance (provided no special rigging is needed) included
  • Rental cameras are available for purchase at any time after initial rental period
    • 30% of rental payments may be applied to predetermined purchase price
    • funds can also be applied to purchase of a different camera offered by maiService

At the end of the rental agreement period:

Continue monthly


Purchase the camera
with credited equity


Return the camera
without penalty



email for more information and to request a rental quote.
Please include your imaging needs