The DSTi offers the ultimate in imaging flexibility and quality for nuclear cardiology sites. With the heads positioned to form a 90-degree angle, the DSTi is optimally configured to perform 180-degree cardiac SPECT exams.

With the heads positioned at 180-degrees, it will perform general nuclear medicine scan, bringing additional patient scans into the practice.

The DSTi is built on SMV’s legendary “i” series gantry which offers unmatched positioning flexibility for imaging patients in any tomographic or static position. It’s compact head design (400mm x 300mm) utilizes the same high performance digital architecture found in the DST/Xli to achieve excellent image quality.

The system can be configured with a variety of collimators to meet you imaging requirements.

Choice of SMV Power Station or SEGAMI processing workstation.

Room Requirements:

Room size: 10′ x 16′
Power: 120volt 30amp
Installed weight: 4,400 pounds with high energy collimators


30 days

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