MILabs, B.V. the Netherlands-based innovator and manufacturer of pre-clinical SPECT/PET/CT imaging devices used in biological and pharmaceutical research today announces a strategic service and support agreement with Mid-Atlantic Imaging Services of Columbia, MD. As part of MILabs growth and expansion plans for the Americas market, Mid-Atlantic Imaging Services will partner with MILabs to provide installation and first response service support to MILabs customers in the US and Canada.

“This agreement with Mid-Atlantic Imaging Services is very positive for MILABS customers in the US and Canada and for the continued growth of our business in the Americas. Consistent with our commitment and focus of providing MILabs customers and research collaborators with the highest level of personalized service and support, Mid-Atlantic Imaging Services brings significant expertise in nuclear service and almost twenty years experience to achieve this goal.” stated Frank Schwahn, Americas Business Director for MILabs.

The MILabs U-SPECT-II/CT system, an innovative, ultra-high sensitive micro SPECT system offers the highest resolution available in the market today, and is fully integrated with a high throughput, low dose micro-CT, which is used for fusion of anatomical images with functional SPECT image ensuring high precision data analysis. The U-SPECT-II delivers sub-half mm resolution, ultra-fast dynamic and multi-channel molecular imaging capabilities that will advance many areas of biological and pharmaceutical research. Additionally, MILabs recently won special recognition from Frost & Sullivan with the introduction of the VECTor – the world’s first truly simultaneous SPECT/PET pre-clinical imaging device. The VECTor achieves sub-mm resolution for PET images, while providing the opportunity for advanced, multi-isotope, multi-channel research applications.

Paul Lilly, President of Mid-Atlantic Imaging Services, stated, “MILabs plays an integral role in future development and growth of our industry. Mid-Atlantic Imaging is pleased to incorporate our customized service and support systems with the expansion of MILabs in the North America. As an internationally recognized company for innovation and excellence in their field, MILabs’ global presence is sure to grow and Mid-Atlantic Imaging is excited to collaborate with them.”



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