The maiCAM-180 is a dual detector, small footprint, upright imaging, portable cardiac camera.

Gamma cameras are sensitive instruments; however, this camera is purposely designed for both fixed and mobile operation modes. There is absolutely no need for concern when operating the maiCAM180 as a portable camera. A unique detector rotation mechanism keeps the center of rotation in alignment. The simplicity and robustness of the maiCAM180 design makes this camera distinctly different from all other cameras.

Rolls through standard 36″ doorways and can be quickly setup. Move it out of the way when not in use, or even transport it to other locations.

The small and open camera design is non-claustrophobic and designed to support patients up to 450lbs. Patients are seated comfortably, yet well restrained, on a stationary chair.

The Segami workstation offers a complete set of processing applications, including CardioGam, Segami’s analysis and review environment for myocardial perfusion studies. Cedars and Emory packages are fully integrated and available as options. The patient data can be transmitted in DICOM format to a PACS.

With a footprint of just 30″x56″ it easily fits in an existing 8 x 8 exam room. The acquisition and processing console, and ECG gate are integrated into the base of the camera, making it a fully standalone system.

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